Free Ghosts

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Not since Nightmare Before Christmas have I been so scared of Christmas.

 -Nerdy and Geeky Music


Well folks, Jonah Knight just stole the show here at RavenCon.


How do you manage to sound both sext and insane at the same time?

-Author KT Pinto



These are blogs, podcasts, newspapers, and bots that have reviewed me, played me, and even just talked about me in passing. All of my songs are creative commons and podsafe so play them, share them, stick them on torrents. If you like what I'm doing, you know other people who would like it if only you told them. Please, tell them.

So, if I've missed your write up, let me know. If you'd like to do a write up, let me know. 

A guest blog I wrote for John. My top 5 musical influences.

A cool Exploration of Dangerous Places shout-out from a horror fan.

A double review of Exploration of Dangerous Places and Age of Steam: Strange Machines

In which I am on an authors playlist.

Tales To Terrify is a creepy stories/culture podcast. Episode #24 features my song Empty House.

I'm on the DCGeeks Podcast #14 and they did a great write-up.

I played a House Concert for Mike and the Madicon faithful. This is what he thought.

Dr. Sturgis is not only a Lovecraftian and Doyle scholar, she also shares her name with a certain South Dakota town.

Podcast interview.

Mercury Retrograde Press reporting.

A great, long form conversation about being a musician in this weird, transitional time.

Creative affiliate announcement.

PodCulture played Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town on episode 310.

CD Review.

A preview/profile of my new CD.

Somewhere in the middle of Plastic Farm video podcast #4 there is a short blip of me playing 'Swimming Song' by Loudon Wainright III.

The first review of Ghosts Don't Disappear was on

IGN played my song FAR on podcast Beyond #135.

Theatreisms has a great write-up of me and my music.

Pop culture blog Liason du Enuui has a song by song comparison with other bands in between her Star Wars posts.

The Frederick News-Post published a good sized article about me and the CD release show.

Drinking The Beer With The 6pk Holder Still On It is a blog with a very thought provoking review. has a rare music review. Hey, it's about me.

Not one, but two writeups are on the MrNepathy blog.