Free Ghosts

People Say

Not since Nightmare Before Christmas have I been so scared of Christmas.

 -Nerdy and Geeky Music


Well folks, Jonah Knight just stole the show here at RavenCon.


How do you manage to sound both sext and insane at the same time?

-Author KT Pinto


So you want to listen to my music for free, forever, share it with your friends, and never ever pay me ever?


May I suggest Spotify. My official albums are all there and waiting for you. If you have the free membership you will never pay anything but I will still make some money. How much money? Each time you listen to a song of mine on Spotify I get paid $0.0013. Yeah, boooy!

But seriously, sure that's not so much, but do it. Make some playlists of my music. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else you can stick some code.  Put me on in the background and walk away. That $0.0013 will eventually turn into pennies and, hopefully, get you to come out and see one of my shows.

Here are a couple Spotify playlists


My top 5 songs that have been played on podcasts/requested on internet radio


My top 5 Creepy Songs


My top 5 Steampunk songs



5 songs I don't play live but still like a lot