Free Ghosts

People Say

Not since Nightmare Before Christmas have I been so scared of Christmas.

 -Nerdy and Geeky Music


Well folks, Jonah Knight just stole the show here at RavenCon.


How do you manage to sound both sext and insane at the same time?

-Author KT Pinto


House Concerts.


It may not be surprising but a lot of traditional singer/songwriter venues are not the best fit for me. On the venn diagram of people, folks who like ghosts, monsters, creepy stuff, and dark humor do not overlap much with the people that like acoustic music.

But you are right there. And I bet that you know some other people who are as well. If you've seen my 40 minute set at a convention and are wondering what I can do with more time in your living room, this is how you find out.

This photo was taken at MarsCon 2012, but it looks surprisingly like your living room. As Kevin Hicks, taker of this photo can attest, I can neither promise that Rob might show up nor can I prevent him.


What exactly is a House Concert?

You round up 15-40 people, put them in your house, I come by and play for them, you become very popular. There are a number of ways you can personalize your house concert.


-Coffee & dessert

-Wine & cheese

-Outside on your covered patio

-Creepy Christmas (Nov-Dec only)

Often, because the setting is intimate, a sound system is not needed and, as very few of my songs are loud, neighbors are seldom upset (but why not invite them along?).

40 people in my house?

No. An awesome gathering of your friends and family that they will never forget. Ask a friend to help find seating. Ask another to whittle some spoons. People like being involved with cool stuff and really, it's not that hard. I'll pitch in when I get there. 

And you'll do this for free?

Well, no. It is a full concert and not background party noise. You have two options on how to handle the money.

1) Attendees donate $10-$20 at the door. There are legal reasons why you can't require payment, but donations are on the up and up.

Don't want to pressure your guests to pay for a party?

2) You, the host, agrees to a flat rate, typically between $150-$300 depending on the details. 

What about kids?

I have an almost 5-yr-old who likes my songs and sings along. I won't bring him.


I would suggest having supervised kid activities in another room. A good opportunity for a local aspiring babysitter?


More questions? Just let me know.